Wayne County Partners With Oceana County

Recently, two very different county Farm Bureaus formed a partnership to help themselves grow and further their agricultural missions. Wayne County Farm Bureau (WCFB) in Southeast Michigan is the most populous county in Michigan with the largest city being Detroit. Oceana County Farm Bureau (OCFB) is a rural county located in Central western Michigan on the shores of Lake Michigan and the landscape is far from that of Wayne County. What both counties have is common is a passion for furthering their agricultural mission. Oceana County has a young, motivated board of directors working on new ideas and plans to support their members. Wayne County has an experienced, dedicated board that wants to find new ways to build membership in their urban environment. Oceana and Wayne County Farm Bureaus teamed up to form Wayne and Oceana Working Together (WOW Together). This partnership will be a collaboration of ideas to help provide different viewpoints when it comes to program development in their counties. The OCFB Board of Directors already hosted several WCFB board members at their latest board meeting. At this meeting, WCFB was able to help provide financial resources that will allow OCFB to work on their membership programs over the next year. Over the next year, both counties plan to host joint events to share their different perspectives of agriculture. Both county farm bureaus are excited to be working together while they further their passion for agriculture. Through this partnership, these counties can share their strengths to become a better voice for agriculture.